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Inferno-Apex X2

Inferno-Apex X2

Inferno-Apex X2 model is the latest plasma bevel cutting system with entirely new digital electronics and revolutionary digital bevel head designed especially for 3D plasma shape cutting, combining simplicity of operation with high performance.

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  • features

    • - Automatic bevel cutting of weld ready parts with K, Y, V bevel cuts
    • - Easy programming of bevel cutting based on parameters entered in software
    • - Pantograph based design for zero rotation eliminating tangled cables completely
    • - High degree of tilt possible – up to 58 degrees
    • - Root face angles other than 90 degrees also possible
    • - True corners without loops
    • - Maximum utilization of plates as corner loops are not required
    • - Easy nesting of weld ready parts makes working of system as simple as square cutting process
    • - Complete digital electronics with fully integrated Z axis
    • - Innovative laser based height control for precise root-face and dimensions
    • - Second laser to display focal point
    • - Spring loaded multi direction breakaway torch holder
    • - Spring loaded collision ring around pantograph and torch
    • - Power-Off recovery without homing
    • - Handles with easy multi-pass complex beveling

  • specifications
    Process Gas Cutting, Plasma Cutting
    Diameter range 50 mm to 2000 mm
    Effective cutting length Up to 24 m
    Pipe clamping Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic
    Idler support At equal intervals depending on length of pipes