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Three torch mechanism using flame cutting process to obtain square cuts, single-V and double-V bevel cuts in a single pass. Triple torch mechanism eliminates enormous set up times required for carrying out the same operation using conventional single torch mechanisms.

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  • features

    • - Up/down slide for Z-axis motion. This is a ball screw and LM guide slide which provides smooth motion for the Z-axis
    • - Digital AC servomotor and drive controls up/down motion of the station
    • - Three torch assembly with manually adjustable bevel angles. Centre torch cuts the root while the leading and lagging torches cut the bevel edges
    • - Sophisticated leak-proof rotary coupling carrying fuel gas and oxygen
    • - Resistive torch height control for rotary bevel station
    • - Rotary axis (C-axis) is controlled by CNC controller
    • - Digital AC servo motor and drive maintains accurate control over rotary axis motion

  • specifications
    Process Gas Cutting, Plasma Cutting
    Effective cutting width 1.25 m to 8 m
    Effective cutting length Infinte - Modular rails ensure long lengths for the machine
    Positioning speed 0 - 12,000 mm/min
    Pipe Diameter Range ⌀ 50 mm to 200 mm
    Pipe Clamping Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
    Idler Support At equal intervals depending on length of pipes